Becoming Digitally Connected!

  1. Set up an iGoogle account. (To collect your new Digital PLN elements!)
  2. Set up a Twitter account.
  3. Set up Google Reader.
  4. Set up Diigo or Delicious (or both!)
  5. Set up a Facebook account.
  6. Set up a Pinterest account.
  7. Set up an account at the Curriculum21 Ning.
  8. Set up an ASCD Edge account.
  9. Add gadgets to your iGoogle page that represent the connections you are making. (Twitter, Reader, Social Bookmarks, Facebook)
  10. You can also add tons of other gadgets to your iGoogle to help you stay connected: favorite websites, email, weather, practically anything!
  11. Now start connecting...follow people on Twitter. Add blogs to your reader (and set up your own blog!). Add people to your networks on Social Bookmarking sites and start saving links. Add friends on Facebook!
  12. Grow professionally through contacts.
  13. Remember to give back. (By blogging, sharing links through bookmarking or Twitter)
  14. Remember that you can also just get your feet wet by searching popular social tools for relevant and timely information!

*Many of the links above link to tutorial sites.

More Resources: