Digi-Gogy: Digital Pedagogy

“Why do some teachers take the time to grow while others are content or don’t see the reason behind changing?” spins off immediately many other questions:
  • What traits does a teacher have, that seems to “get it”?
  • Why are some teachers starting to embrace technology integration in their classrooms while others still cannot seem to “get off the ground”?
  • Why does one lesson, planned together with all teachers of a grade level, work like magic with one class while another completely flops leaving students uninterested or with nothing to take away?
  • Why do some teachers still think that asking their students to type up a paragraph in Word means “technology integration”, while others allow their students to learn to express themselves and communicate in many different media?
~Vicki Davis...CoolCatTeacher Blog

Digital Literacy and the Classroom

Considerations for developing a stance on digital pedagogy.

Developing a Vision for using Instructional Technology.