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  • New forms of group learning / group dynamics
  • New forms of interaction and collaboration
  • Ability to integrate many other motivating and engaging Web 2.0 tools
  • Embedded Discussion tab to discuss content
  • Easy to use and maintain over time
  • Easy to create and develop skills for usage

  1. White's Wiki Kids

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  • Facebook-like interface
  • Lots of features such as blogs, forums, and notes for multiple opportunities to interact.
  • Embeddable Functions
  • Chat Enabled for further collaboration/conversation

  1. The Global Poetry Project



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  • Helps students find a new way to express their voices
  • Provides a technology based alternative to traditional writing exercises
  • Provides a brand new audience for students to have a purpose for writing for
  • Helps student respond and reflect, edit and revise
  • Increases initiative, motivation, and engagement
  • Encourages collaboration and conversation


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  • Other Web 2.0 tools offer the opportunity for alternative assessment practices that provide evidence of learning beyond the traditional modes
  • Many of the popular Web 2.0 Tools offer the opportunity for collaboration as well as high levels of engagement.
  • Using these Web 2.0 tools help to personalize the web experience for students and provide them with a new framework for developing textual/traditional products in combination with a visual and/or animated component.

  1. Weebly on Immigration (with links to Etherpad Collaborations by students.)
  2. Etherpad will soon be shutting down, but other "PAD" sites are popping up, such as Primary Pad (which has a cool interactive collaborative whiteboard feature) and Pirate Pad . Both look and behave exactly like Etherpad.